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The Japanese bridge, Waterlilies & Harmony

Η γιαπωνέζικη γέφυρα, Κλοντ Μονε, 1899
Η γιαπωνέζικη γέφυρα, Κλοντ Μονε, 1899Η γιαπωνέζικη γέφυρα, Κλοντ Μονε, 1899
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CODE: 6ME007

Painting with frame, ready to decorate with suspension system (included). Dimensions 43 x 42 cm


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Do you want to get apiece of art? Give your space an impressionist touch? This bridge is the most famous and the most enchanting in the history of art thanks to its color palette Claude Monet, one of the world's top painters. Observe the toys of light in the water, the water lilies that are mirrored in it, the sense of abundance ... in front of your eyes you have an excellent painting. It is a great pleasure to offer you a magnificent copy of a canvas, with a wooden frame, in a signed version limited to just 250 pieces, faithful to the original work. 

Μουσείο Ορσέ, Παρίσι
Αναπαραγωγή σε βαμβακερό καμβά, χειροποίητη κορνίζα από γνήσιο ξύλο
Claude Monet

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